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Three Piece Suite Cleaning

Welcome to Suite Cleaning UK.

We have been cleaning 3 piece suites and other upholstery for over 25 years.

In the past 10 years we have cleaned leather 3 piece suites to a very high standard.Cleaning suites can be quite complicated and relies on the cleaner identifying the fibre composition and the nature of the soiling.

Using the wrong chemicals or the wrong pH can be a disaster .Temperature is also very important as too high can lead to delamination, texture change , colour run and many other problems. However too low will often result in a very poor clean and discolouration caused by over wetting and slow drying.

How can you select a quality upholstery cleaner ?

Firstly have they had any training, various companies run courses.

Secondly are they experienced , there really is no substitute for this as hands on cleaning is the best way to achieve great results safely.

Thirdly do they understand the nature of the chemicals involved, you may be surprised how many upholstery cleaners have  quite good grasp of the chemistry involved, particularly in relation to green cleaning and other health related issues.

Areas covered include Essex, Suffolk, London, Kent , Hampshire

Please ring 01702 473700 for details.

For Leather go to How to Clean Leather

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Good quality suite cleaners include:

Pete Sweeney covering Kent, Margate, Canterbury, Maidstone. Please ring 0800 0567520

Do you want to buy DIY leather cleaning products as used by the professionals, then please go to Leather Cleaning Products

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